An Angel True

By Becky Warren


How do you put into words the way that one little boy changes your world?

Start with the way he makes you feel.


Beautiful Dylan.

His Earthly life lasted a remarkable 1715 days.

As it turns out, there were many things that should have made us realize just how special Dylan James Manning is.

He was born on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2001.

His mom has always loved to collect angels and, before his diagnosis of Tay-Sachs Disease was announced,

His impending arrival was marked by a room decorated with sweet little angels in sports-themed outfits.


This beautiful boy with eyes of blue,

They drew us all in

Young and old, from the age of ninety down to two.


His smile would melt your heart

His love so sincere,

I thank God for allowing him here.


He’s taught us so much

It’s hard to describe

He just gives off a very good ‘vibe’.


His spiky hair a topic of conversation,

His skin so soft and smooth,

One look in his eyes and you’d know the truth---

Dylan is an Angel True.


His trusting innocence

And genuine spirit

Pulled us all in – we couldn’t wait to be near it!


This little Red Sox fan,

He changed my world.

How was I to know what a trip to Yankee Stadium would unfurl?


For it was there we first met

And learned of his story

And after that game on September the Tenth

I could not get his sweet countenance out of my head!


That face, his warmth, and the love of his family

It was just so obvious how very much he’s loved.


I went to his website to learn some more

From then on I knew we’d be Forever Friends---

In good times, in bad,

In sickness and in health,

Right until the very end.


This dear boy has touched so many hearts

It’s like a hug when you gaze into those eyes.

I know God must have known what he was doing

When he gave this precious Angel to his parents
(How could I think otherwise?  After all, I JUSTBELIEVE!!)

And it is those dear parents who gave of themselves---

For Dylan, for us, we must educate, see?


When DJ was just a bit over three

His baby brother Brady came to be.

His darling little form looked so much like Brother

First there was one Angel, now another.


It’s so hard to explain

How knowing this boy

Has impacted our world,

But I know he has.


In the eleven months I was privileged to know him here on Earth

Dylan added so much to my life – gave it more worth.

The lessons he taught and the gifts that he shared

Fills one with love for which we’re not always prepared.


Dylan, my Love, my Angel-Boy,

I thank you and

I love you…

I always will!






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