Dylan’s Wings


The time has come, we must say goodbye.

Our precious little angel, you have finally earned your wings!

We know that you are with us and want us not to cry,

It’s finally your time to slide down rainbows and ride the big boy swings!

Just Believe that you made a difference in the lives of so many.


Though you’ve only spoken a handful of words,

Today is the one that hurt us the worst…

“Ou…ch” was the only one you had to cry,

That’s when we knew you were ready to fly!


We had the most perfect walk to see the sunrise,

It was orange like a basketball, we know now you are DRiB-Ling high!

We swooped you up on the hottest day of the year

To show you the name we’ve engraved in the yard,

Then Maddie went out to pay her regards.


We took Pappy for breakfast at Atglen’s world famous café,

Then Grandpop and Brady met us along the way.

A peaceful stroll home in your fancy green wagon

So that we could wish Jessica Happy Birthday from Dylan.


It was the most perfect occasion, all of your grandparents here by your side.

God decided he must call you home & it’s now in him we must confide.

Alas, mommy finally got the hint…it’s a tubby you wanted, and so you got your wish. Bells rang for you as you got your wings on the 2nd of August 2006.

Warm water you’ve loved from the first moment of birth,

So that is our last memory here on earth.

Before your last breath you gave quite a smile

And then Poof…like magic the pain was all gone.

Near, far, wherever you are, we know your heart will go on.


Then to top our day off, our favorite Boston Red Sox got the job done,

Just for you, D they scored a winning home run!

We promise to carry out your mission until our days are done.

So until we meet again, baby boy, you’ll always be our precious son.





Just Believe,

Mommy, Daddy, Brady and Madison





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